The Miz Salary 2021 Net Worth Vs Wife Maryse

Enlighten the personal and professional life of The Miz, during the last decade, he had made numerous big achievements like he won 6 times ‘Intercontinental Championships’ which makes him the champ of wrestling. While in personal life, he and his long-term girlfriend Maryse Ouellet shared the marriage vows in 2014, on the Ocean Club of Bahamas. Yes, Miz proposed his sweetheart in February 2013. However, the duo first met in 2006 at WWE Diva Search. Furthermore, if one reviews the wealth comparison of this couple, then both earn a good amount.

Both are professional wrestlers; and in recent few years, they made almost the same amount of money. Maybe Miz long career will make a bit difference.

The Miz Net Worth 2021 Vs Wife Maryse:

  • The comparison of The Miz net worth 2021 Vs Wife Maryse net worth is clear in the below chart.
The Miz Net Worth 2021 VS Wife Maryse Net Worth 2021
$10 Million $9 Million
  • Salaries detail of this Couple:

The Miz Salary 2021:

  • According to the new contract, The Miz salary 2021 is still not public.

Maryse Salary 2021:

The Maryse salary 2021 is yet Unknown.

The Miz and his life partner

  • Short Career Detail of The Miz:

At 21, The Miz dropped out of college and then associated with the entertainment sector. In 2001, Miz gained huge popularity from MTV’s TV series ‘The Real World: Back to New York’ and from its sequel ‘Read World/ Road Rules Challenge’. His initial projects include ‘The Real World’, ‘Battle of the Seasons’, ‘The Gauntlet’, ‘Battle of the Sexes’, The Inferno and its spinoff.

So, before turning professional, he appeared in several TV programs and also joined Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW) and took training from there. However, in 2003 he wrestled first time in the ring as ‘The Miz’. While taking training, he entered in UPW’s Mat War’s event.

Later in 2004, Miz starred on the 4th season of TV series ‘Tough Enough’ whose producer was of ‘WWE’ that awarded a winner WWE contract. Since then he signed a contract with them. The first contract was of $ 1,000,000 that enhances his income. In 2006, Miz hosted a show ‘WWE Diva Search’ that was sponsored by WWE and wrestle on the main roster. ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) elected him in 2007 and then victor in WWE Tag Team Championship and World Tag Team Championship. He also conquers the Tag Team of the Year Slammy Award in 2008.

In 2009, Miz traded to Raw and succeed twice in United States Championship. He competed for ‘Raw Money in the Bank ladder’ competition and succeeds it, for which he was given by the ‘WWE Championship’ honor. Miz headed towards ‘WWE Championship’ in 2010 and victor it and seized the title for around 6 months. He had also beaten John Cena at ‘2011’s Wrestle Mania XXVII’ and got immense acclaim. In the same year, he was placed at the 1st position on ‘Pro Wrestling Illustrated yearly PWI 500 list. So he earned $9 Million from wrestling and appearances on TV series and programs.

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