Timbaland Net Worth 2023 Wife

The career record of Timbaland clearly shows that he acquired the major amount of money and success from his own production company ‘Mosley Music Group’. Under this platform, he worked for many well-known artists. His produced album ‘Loose’ gained worldwide commercial success. In 2007 his one more solo album ‘Shock Value’ was released and followed by this he launched ‘Shock Value II’ in 2009 that also gained huge popularity. Moreover, in his career span, he produced for ‘Ludacris’, ‘Rihanna’, ‘Drake’ and many others. So, all of these stars helped a lot to make money from his production company. Furthermore, his written songs are also recognized much. So he has made most of his income from productions.

Timbaland Net Worth 2023:

  • Yes, close to $90 million is the Timbaland net worth 2023.

As far as Timbaland’s personal life concerned, he tied the wedding knot with Timbaland in 2008. The couple has a daughter. As per the report, in 2013 these two filed for divorce. After a while, they rekindle their love life.

Timbaland Wife 2023:

  • Monique Idlett is the name of Timbaland wife.

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the one Timbaland and his pretty wife

Behind the current position of Timbaland, he worked hard for a long time. Let’s check out these struggles.

Initially, by staying at home, Timbaland pursue and engaged himself to become a DJ using the left-hand technique. Later, he was called by DJ Timmy Tim or DJ Tim. In a meanwhile, Timbaland team up with school fellow Melvin Barcliff, a rapper. Henceforth, he coupled with ‘Surrounded by Idiots’, a record label company and then a prominent rapper and singer Missy Elliott also joined them.

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Within no time, DeVante Swing notified him and asked him to work for his recording company ‘Swing Mob’. At a recording company, he chanced to work for known artists and groups such as Ginuwine, Playa, and Sugah. In 1996, Timbaland made the biggest contribution in the Ginuwine’s professional journey by producing his album ‘Ginuwine…the Bachelor’.

In the following year, he produced albums for Aaliyah’s and Missy Elliots. At the beginning of his career as a rapper, he launched various albums with Magoo and lucky to released his debut solo album ‘Tim’s Bio’ in 1998. A few years later, Timbaland produced the most famous song of his career for Justin Timberlake. In short, this is the time when he was going to the peak.

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