Tinsley Mortimer Net Worth 2021 Boyfriend Husband

Tinsley Mortimer is well known as Socialist and TV actress. She was born in Richmond and also spent her childhood in this capital city of Virginia. She completed her schooling at St. Catherin’s School. Her father George is a real estate investor, while her mother Dale Mercer is an interior designer. Meanwhile, Dabney is her only younger sibling. Tinsley starts her career at Vogue as a beauty assistant and an event planner at Harrison and Shriftman.

She was also featured in Samantha Thavasa USA’s online promotional materials and in the Madison Avenue store. After that, she builds up her own exclusive online clothing line Riccime by Tinsley Mortimer in Japan. Tinsley adopted the branding and design line in 2008.

In addition, she also has been served as a beauty ambassador at Christian Dior. Mortimer’s novel name is “Southern Charm which she wrote, follows by Minty Davenport and published by Simon & Schuster in April 2013. Mortimer also wrote on improving one’s conversation and social skills in the book “The Park Avenue Diet”.

Tinsley Mortimer Net Worth 2021

  • Currently, $33 Million is the Tinsley Mortimer net worth 2021.

Moreover, Tinsley Mortimer possessed a huge collection of handbags that’s why she was also featured in an advertising campaign in Japan.

Tinsley Mortimer Boyfriend 2021:

  • Yes, Scott Kluth is the Tinsley Mortimer boyfriend 2021. (Probably Engaged too)

Tinsley and Scott

Furthermore, Tinsley accepted that after the first divorce, she doesn’t want a husband. Despite that fact, she admired her love for Cluth. She Accepted that I want Cluth and I love Cluth.

Tinsley Mortimer Husband:

Tinsley tied in a loving relationship with Robert Livingston “Topper” at Lawrenceville School. They decided to get married at the age of 18. Their parents were accompanied them to get married. But, on July 23, 2010, Mortimer was appeared with her mother on Dr. Phil’s show and declared her divorce. She also discussed the differences with her mother.

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