Trevor Ariza Net Worth 2021 Salary Career Earnings

Throughout the NBA career of about 16 years, Trevor Ariza has made a massive success and fame. Because of his striking ability and quickness, he is often called ‘Cobra’. He is assumed as an outstanding rebounder for small forwards. He is also enrolled in the list of heavily paid athletes. His career earnings are based on contracts, earning and endorsements. It is believed that recently 35 years old Ariza has settled a new contract with Miami Heat. Other terms of this contract are yet not formally described anywhere. But, the salary figure is disclosed i.e. of $12 Million. While amount he got in term of cap hit is not part of this figure.

Trevor Ariza Net Worth 2021:

  • Around, $40 Million is the Trevor Ariza net worth 2021.

Short Bio and Career Detail of Trevor Ariza:

He is raised by his biological mother and stepfather. Ariza’s father was also a great basketball player at the University of Florida and he played at a professional level in Australia with Sydney Kings. He belongs to Dominican and Turks & Caicos Island ancestry.

Before becoming a part of the NBA, Ariza went to Westchester High School resides in Los Angeles, California where he was an immature player and used to play basketball with NBA future players and teammates that includes Brandon Health and Hassan Adams.

Later in 2003-2004, he attended the University of California, Los Angeles on an athletic scholarship basis and got training from Ben Howland, the coach of UCLA Bruins basketball team. After a successful season at university, he was drafted by the NBA in the following year.

Trevor Ariza Salary 2021:

  • Around, $12 Million is the Trevor Ariza salary 2021.

Trevor Ariza Career Earnings:

  • Approximate figures of Trevor Ariza Career earnings are $90 Million.

Trevor Ariza

NBA Career:

Ariza was picked in the second round and ranked at the 43rd position overall of the New York Knicks.  However, the seasons played at the NBA depicts that Ariza started his rookie year that comes off the bench.

It is stated that in Knick’s history, Ariza was the second-youngest rookie player who played 80 matches at the age of 19.  In the second draft, he played almost 36 games. In 2006, Ariza was shifted to Orlando Magic with Penny Hardaway.

In the next year, Ariza was again traded to Los Angeles Lakers. During 2012, he became a member of Washington Wizards and then he joined Houston Rockets for the duration of about four years. Overall, he has good memories with all of these team.

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