Who is Whoopi Goldberg Husband Married to Boyfriend 2023


Till now, Whoopi has been in various loving connections; as well as she has been married thrice. But every time, she had to face ups and downs. For the first time, she tied the wedding knot with Alvin Martin. Secondly, she was wedded to Cinematographer, David Claessen. But again this journey was not easy as it finished with a separation. Onto her third and last marriage, Whoopi marry Lyle Trachtenberg in 1994, but after one year they gave an indication of divorce. As per resources, Whoopi is responsible for the separations, because she never gave enough in her wedding lives.

Furthermore, she once stated that “I assume you need to really be infatuated with the individual you wed. You must be focused on them. I don’t have that responsibility”.

Alex Martin is the only kid she has. She was only (18) years of age when she gave birth to her baby girl.

  • Who is Whoopi Goldberg Husband?

Despite the fact that Whoopi has not been married over the past about 26 years, yet she’s been known to date some prominent stars. In beneath one can check the rundown of her exes:

  • Michael Visbal
  • Frank Langella
  • Lyle Trachtenberg
  • Ted Danson
  • Timothy Dalton
  • Eddie Gold

Whoopi Goldberg Boyfriend 2023:

  • As of now, she is single and as per her, she has no plan to start a new love life.

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Is Whoopi Goldberg Married to?

Presently, in view of a single status, few online resources claimed that she isn’t straight. But, on many events, she exposed these sorts of bits of gossip. But its reality, she isn’t as lucky in her personal as much as she is in her profession. She has frequently accepted that too many breakups put a considerable measure of worry in her own life. However, as of late, she expected to stay single for the later part of life.

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