Zinedine Zidane Net Worth 2018 Salary as Real Madrid Manager Coach

Ten years ago, Zidane ended up his professional journey by taking retirement. But, he has still kept himself busy in football related work. Initially, he was called as a special adviser for Real Madrid. Later he was promoted to assistant coach and then to manager of Real Madrid. It’s interesting that sixteen years ago ‘Real Madrid’ drafted him as player. He supported the team to bagged UEFA Cup Final. Eventually, he was again given by ‘FIFA World Player of the Year’ title. After that, he had a huge fan base and became the best ever European footballer of the last 5 decades. During his career, he played with great players of all the time. Undoubtedly, Zidane has an excellent professional profile. Although, before retirement Zinedine Zidane had earned major part of his net worth; but still in 2018 Real Madrid paid him a huge salary amount for manager position.

Zinedine Zidane Salary as Manager of Real Madrid in 2018:

  • It’s around £90,000 for a week
  • €5Million for a Season

Zidane’ Total Net Worth in 2018 = $70 million

Early Career Years: Zidane enjoys playing football with his neighborhood from the age of 5, thus since then he is connected to football. Moreover, he took membership of a community center of their town. Several great players of that time were his super heroes at that time.

During the amateur years, Zidane joined several junior that includes Castellane and Septemes-les-Vallons. Meanwhile, he was associated to AS Cannes Club as an attacking mid-fielder. So at that time, his net worth began to increase. In chorus, he was affixed to Jean Varraud hence he became more excited to show off him.

Within no time, he moved to Bordeaux club and around four seasons, he played in 139 matches and made 28 goals together with Bixente and Dugarry.

Subsequently, Zidane joined full French national team and with them he conquer world cup and UEFA Cup.

best player and manager Zidane

After an amazing performance in previous clubs, he then decided to connect with European football leading club i.e. Italian side Juventus. For next 6 seasons, he presented them. He played in around 151 matches and made 24 goals. At a later, he was presented by prestigious award ‘FIFA Player of the Year’ and managed to achieve two Series A titles and three times UEFA Cup.

Bio: This former soccer player was born in Marseille. He is the youngest child of Malika (mother) and Small Zindane(father). He is from the middle class family. His father used to work in some warehouse while his mother was a housewife.

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